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“ultra ridiculum ad magnificum”

Since the early 1980s I have ridden tens of thousands of miles 'no hands' on a ten-speed bicycle while playing a Fender Stratocaster guitar at the same time writing dozens of original songs. Many of these songs are available for free on this web site along with essays on various subjects, stories and pets.

Sep 28, 2015: Magick Kitty is dead. She died peacefully in the vet's office today being given lots of love in her final moments. I can only hope my own death is as peaceful someday. IF ANYONE CAN HELP WITH THE THOUSAND DOLLARS I OWE IN VET BILLS, please contribute to the gofundme link just below. thanks

Sep 7, 2015: Magick Kitty has some serious medical issues, and I have some serious vet bills that I will be on starvation rations for months to pay. Here is her GoFundMe if anyone can help.

: Creationist Cat gives me the highest praise I have yet received. Catnip?

: Video of my played on a bicycle. Meow along.

: The News-Review prints a nice story about me.

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“When you ride over sharps, you get flats!”
―The Bicycling Guitarist,

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