Great Beagle Songs

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The Beagles Doghouse California

Does anyone else remember this album from ? It's tail-waggin' good! Here's a list of its tracks compared to another album released that same year by a band called the Eagles.

The Beagles Doghouse California The Eagles Hotel California
Doghouse California Hotel California
New Pup in Town New Kid in Town
Beagle in the Fast Lane Life in the Fast Lane
Wasted Beagles Wasted Time
Victim of Beagles Victim of Love
Pretty Beagles All in a Row Pretty Maids All in a Row
Try and Love a Beagle Try and Love Again
The Last Beagle The Last Resort
I also remember Beagle Miller's great Fly Like a Beagle album, including the great hits: Fly Like a Beagle, Beagle Love, Wild Mountain Beagles.
For you country fans, Dolly Beagle's: Beagle of Many Colors.
And of course, these great patriotic songs: America the Beagleful and The Star-Spangled Beagle.