NOS replacement parts installed on my Schwinn

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In this context, NOS means “new old stock” (an oxymoron?), meaning original parts that have never been used, sometimes still in the original packaging. NOS in other contexts can mean “Not Otherwise Specified” and “Numbers.”

front view of NOS parts installed on the bicycle

Until last weekend, the brake handle for my right hand operated the rear brake. As this photograph shows, it is now my left hand that operates the rear brake. My right hand is over the body of my guitar unless I need to use both brakes to stop.

another view of the parts installed

The headlight is mounted underneath the handlebars instead of above as designed, a matter of personal preference. Since I didn't want the manufacturer's logo to show upside down, I just painted it over black.

NOS rear brakes, pedals and spoke protector installed

It might be hard to tell from this picture, but the chain is in good shape and freshly lubricated with generous helpings of Pedro's Ice Wax. It is the same chain that was on this bicycle when I first got it more than twenty years and twenty thousand miles ago. The other parts mentioned are brand new and installed this year.

By the chain shown in this photograph was replaced with a brand-new KMC Z30 Chain.

SunTour V-GT Luxe rear derailleur

It is a SunTour V‑GT Luxe, one of the best derailleurs for road bikes of its period. It has the slant parallelogram design that made SunTour derailleurs the best from 1964 until 1984 when their patent ran out and some other companies copied their design.

By the used derailleur shown in this photograph was replaced with a NOS derailleur of the same type.

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