My Songs

I have written dozens more original songs than those listed here and can also play dozens more cover tunes (songs written by other people), but the songs listed here form the core of my live performances as of late 2013.

When you ride over sharps, you get flats!
Long Hair Red Baron
What Can I Say? Legalize
Bouncy Evolution
Early Morning Hours Over Me
Up The Hill Entropy
Traveling Oh! Jennifer!
Tray Dipper Over the Rainbow

This as yet unrecorded album has some of my best older songs and some of my newest songs with a cover tune at the end.

More Original Songs
Crazy Metal Tell Me How You Do It
Assisted Al Gore Rhythm
Freedom Logger Rhythm
Hot Young Blonde Prayer
Running Out of Time Death
I See Kitty
Another Beer

For some of my older songs with Band go to the Band Table of Contents page. For an alternate listing of two dozen of my best songs in chronological order see the Twenty Years Ago Today playlist. Some other recordings are listed on the Multimedia page.

Cover Songs
Dream On (Aerosmith) Over The Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole)
Sister Golden Hair (America) Dust in the Wind (Kansas)
Help! (The Beatles) Sleeping Sun (Nightwish)
Blackbird (The Beatles) Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
More Than A Feeling (Boston) Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)

I have been playing some of these songs for decades. In 2012 I learned Over the Rainbow and in 2013 I added Sleeping Sun and Sister Golden Hair to my repertoire. My cover of Over the Rainbow is the last song of the When you ride over sharps, you get flats! album.

Novelty Songs
Fish Heads (Barnes & Barnes) Lava Lamp (Bubbly) (Christina Grimmie & Sarah)
Smelly Cat Medley (from the Friends Again album) One Big Family (Christina Grimmie & Sarah)
Getting Paid (Christina Grimmie & Sarah) Tray Dipper (The Bicycling Guitarist)

I learned Fish Heads and Smelly Cat Medley in 2012, and in the spring of 2013 I added three fun songs from the Above All That is Random video series on YouTube by Christina Grimmie & Sarah. Tray Dipper from the first album is a parody I wrote of Day Tripper by The Beatles.