New Stuff in 2003

The following is a list of the additions and changes to this website in the year . In addition to the new pages listed below, a tremendous amount of time was spent rewriting the code for the entire website as briefly described at the bottom of this page.

China-Burma-India is dedicated to veterans of this theater of World War II.

2001-2003 describes changes to my Schwinn in photographs taken two years apart.

Schwinn page to organize the pages dedicated to my Schwinn ten-speed bicycle

scratch repair, more new parts, and shiny bicycle, more pages about my bicycle

NOS parts installed on my Schwinn ten-speed bicycle

NOS replacement parts for my Schwinn ten-speed bicycle

Ranchero body repair before and after pictures from Spring 2001

Dad page for the pages dedicated to my late father.

improved version of the ASCII-art version of the R Band logo.

Site Map for this website, with a link to it from every page!

Mail form replaces the “mailto:” links throughout the website.

di craven is dead, a “die-ary” entry posted here by permission of the author.

Colorized photographs of the Red Baron and his triplane.

Schwinn “Sportinental” describes the recent upgrading of my ten-speed bicycle.

Dennis's 4-wheel-drive 1962 Ranchero, proudly posted on my 1965 Ranchero's website.

Death, a song I wrote some years ago about one way to cope with the death of one's parents.

If you don't know what the following paragraph is talking about, don't worry about it. The bottom line is that I put great time and effort into making this website more user-friendly.

From the spring of 1997 until the winter of 2002, my website used red button graphics for navigation hyperlinks. Then I replaced them with CSS rollover buttons on a menu bar, a bread crumb trail of nested lists, and a site map. In I made many other changes throughout the site, such as changing the lyrics on all song pages from all capitals to sentence case to improve readability. Behind the scenes, I upgraded the HTML code to XHTML 1.0 strict on most pages and combined and improved the CSS style sheets. (In , I converted the pages back to HTML 4.01 strict. Apparently xhtml served as content type html is a bad idea, and if I serve it as xml the most popular browser won't render the pages.)