New Stuff in 2008

Daiquiri, the Radioactive Beagle was featured in a Sacramento newspaper this year, so I put a link to the article at the bottom of her page.

I add several new cat pages to the website, including More Luna, Seer cat, Magick the little black kitty and Sunny Side Up.

Death now has an optional free mp3 download, just in time for Christmas!

I add two bits of information with links to sources to update my Fokker Triplane speech.

MUSIC VIDEO for the recording of my song Red Baron.

I redo my R Band song about Evolution.

Airo Astarhy has two new pet videos up on YouTube. I update and edit the Pet Videos page of this website. I also record and post mp3 files for my songs Puddle of Puke and Jesus was a Horse Thief.

My Red Baron song now has a new version to listen to (hyperlink to free download of mp3 file after the title near the top of the page). I recorded two guitar tracks and one vocal track this morning. This is easily the best recording yet of this song.

Lynn's Schwinn describes the recent rescue of another Schwinn Sportabout ten-speed bicycle from a trash dumpster. This page includes a poem I wrote to commemorate the event.

I converted the video of The Bicycling Guitarist from .mov to .mp4 file format and added this to the videos page in addition to the .mov file already there.

The audio files for the songs from R College Story are posted now as mp3 files instead of the 1990s vintage RealPlayer G2 rm files. The audio files for the songs from R Blonde Story are resampled at twice the sound quality of the files they replace. The file sizes are also twice as large, but that isn't as much an issue these days as it was in years past.

Following the advice from some web authoring forums and newsgroups, in I slightly modified the HTML and CSS code. These are subtle improvements that for the most part make no difference in how visitors perceive the site.

I make changes to the directory structure of graphics for the awards pages and the pet pages of my website. I didn't change the URLs of any of the pages, just those of the graphics associated with those pages. This is to simplify my website in preparation for major changes this year. Stay tuned!

Help as metaphysics is my analysis of the lyrics to the Beatles song Help! These thoughts came to me rather suddenly on . This is my newest and now one of my favorite pages.

I ceased catering to the inability of Netscape 4 browsers to read standards-compliant web page code. In other words, I stopped using the @import trick to fool Netscape 4 browsers since very few people still use these once-dominant but very buggy web browsers. I merged index_filter.css into index.css and merged style_filter.css into style.css, then deleted the two filter stylesheets.

I changed the CSS code of my home page by changing a div's class to ID instead (this is all geek to me). By doing this I was able to delete class="link" from each button's HTML code (thanks Edwin, who actually wrote the improved CSS). Finally getting the hang of the use of ID in CSS, I also deleted an unnecessary CSS class from all pages that have the navigation bar, cleaning up the HTML code a bit (thanks dorayme).

My site map page was one that did not have the otherwise ubiquitous navigation bar at the top of the page. I remedied that to be consistent (thanks bragadocchio), and also made it so the link in the navigation bar doesn't change color when the mouse cursor hovers over it when one is on the page that is linked to (thanks Stan Brown).