New Stuff in 2010

The first few months of this year I didn't do as much as I used to do on this website. I have been rehearsing with a new bass player since last summer. This past year (as in years past) I also participated on some online blogs about creationism versus evolution.

The past few days I added so much new content to my essay on Seversky's book Victory Through Air Power that I changed its description on the Studies index page to indicate that this essay dates from Summer 2010 instead of Spring 2010. I had originally posted this essay on May 9 of this year (see below). There may be more new content added later, but it is pretty much done now.

I enable file compression and browser caching for tremendous improvement in the performance of all the content of my website. For example, the online glossary file (see immediately below) goes from 194,506 bytes of markup to a compressed size of 50,447 bytes for faster downloads.

With help from the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html newsgroup, the past two days I improve the source code of online glossary for Urban Social Geography, an Introduction, reducing the file size from 209 kb to 189 kb. The past couple weeks I also updated the javascript codes for Google Analytics and for the Add to Any share button on all pages that use them.

Sunny at two years old describes some of the continuing adventures of Sunny the cat.

This past week I improved a lot of old HTML and CSS code on more than a hundred pages of my website. Besides cleaning up the code, on the R Band Table of Contents page I added a paragraph about my new band Rosetucky.

I update the HTML code and edit the Great Beagle Songs page that was first published in . I add a list of the songs from the Eagles album Hotel California for comparison to the list of parody songs from the Beagles album Doghouse California.

I rewrite one paragraph of my page about G. K. Chesterton to include sources for the quotation about having a sense of wonder about a rhinoceros.

I post an essay about Alexander P. de Seversky's book Victory Through Air Power. I update the Studies index page and improve its CSS code with help from the comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets newsgroup.