cute little kitty called Caldecat

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This content replaces the previous version of this index page which was renamed Caldecat joins us.

This page is dedicated to the best kitty who ever lived. Caldecat went missing late May 2007 after eight months of our staying as guests on a riverfront property while I searched for a local place to rent that would accept pets. On June 6, I found such a place. Later that same day, I recovered Caldecat's dead body covered in green scum from a neglected swimming pool on the property. I buried her after saying goodbye to my little kitty one last time. I miss her terribly. There aren't enough tears in the world to express my grief adequately. She was a GREAT CAT.

When I was sad this sweet little cat would come up, rub her head against me and massage me with her claws to comfort me. When I or my daughter would walk by Caldecat, she would roll over on her back and invite us to play with her. We called her doing this a “kitty roll.” We will miss her. The links below lead to more pages about this wonderful calico cat. I will be adding at least two more pages as soon as my heartache allows me, one from 2006 and another of photographs from 2007, her last year.

If the pool had been drained or the gate had been locked, then my cat might still be alive. If only I had some help finding a place to rent even one week sooner than I found one, again, she would probably still be with us. Most of all though, the biggest reason she is dead is irresponsible pet owners who let their pets damage the properties they rent and don't compensate the landlord for the damage. That is why I had such a hard time finding a place to rent, and now my cat is dead. I am not the only one who misses her. Here is a picture of our dog Chopper at Caldecat's graveside.