Luna and Seer in a display case

Luna is on the left; Seer is on the right in this display case. This page takes you to the kitties' web pages. If you like DOGS, check out the Dogs page.


Luna Rising introduces this new kitty to this website. She knew Caldecat.

More Luna is this kitty's second page.


Seer cat introduces Luna's son, born underneath my bed .


Magick introduces a little black kitty.

Magick Kitty died Sept 28, 2015. R.I.P.


Sunny followed us home just before a storm in .

Sunny at two years old describes some of the continuing adventures of this cat.

Luna, Seer, Magick, Sunny

June and August 2015 shows some of the latest adventures of all the house kitties, their first new page in many years.


Caldecat's home page is meant to honor and mourn my beloved calico kitty, the best cat and best friend I ever had, gone missing late May 2007, found dead June 6, 2007. I miss her terribly.

Caldecat joins us shows her about six months old when she first joins us in Summer 1999.

September 2000 is Caldecat's page at a year and a half old.

January 2002  is Caldecat at two and three-quarter years old.

Fall 2004 shows this calico kitty at five and a half years of age: beautiful, sweet and playful.


Pandora Kitty joins us when she is approximately ten weeks old. This page shows her at about twelve weeks of age.

Pandora at five months old. She is still a kitten, but has grown a lot since we first saw her.

The Sneaking Straw Stealer Strikes Again! catches a kitty in the act of hunting and stealing a drinking straw from a glass of soda.

More Cat Stories

Cat Stories by Bill G. are being hosted on this website.