The China-Burma-India Theater of WW II

The effort of those in this theater is perhaps not as famous as the war in Europe or the island-hopping in the Pacific, but it was a vital part of winning the war. These troops kept many Japanese occupied who would otherwise have been free to better defend their island bases. My father LeRoy Watson is part of that effort to fly supplies over the tallest mountains in the world. So is Walt Newman, who corresponded with me and graciously volunteered information and photographs about his experiences there. Walt contacted his friend Melvin S. Kaye, who also sent me some information. In , Charles Morreale Jr. wrote me and shared a photograph of his father at Misamari. My thanks to everyone for what they did for our country.

LeRoy Watson in the CBI Theater of World War II

Walt Newman shares some memories

Information and photographs about Misamari

Charles Morreale at Misamari

Mel Kaye describes the CBI Theater

On , Mr. Robert Willett wrote me to help spread the word that a reprint of the book Aluminum Trail is now available. It details 696 fatal air crashes in the CBI.