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Message of song:

This is a song about my feelings towards Religion and my Creator(?) at the time I wrote it in 1994. It could be taken as a prayer to ask for the power to resist sin, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to learn what God's will is for my life. On the other hand, it could be just a “sugar pill.”

This song can still be interpreted and appreciated from a Christian viewpoint, but from my current perspective (I edited these comments in 2007) I think the most significant lyrics are “I wonder who I'm seeing when I look into my eyes…” This reminds me of the teachings of Ramana Maharshi when he asks Who Am I?

In Eyes of Blue, another of my songs, part of the lyrics go “I could see the universe in her eyes looking at me.” Perhaps that is the answer. Perhaps each of us IS the whole universe (a.k.a. God) looking at itself through our eyes. This is much like certain interpretations of Hinduism, and it is my opinion (and not just mine by the way) that this teaching may be the REAL Gospel that Jesus Christ tried to pass to his followers, apparently without success. I discuss this possibility in Ye are gods.

How it was written:

I wrote this because I wanted to fit the seven deadly sins all on one line. I write songs on every subject imaginable, usually about what's important to me. I had to change the name of Covetousness to Greed, and Sloth to Laziness in order to fit the rhythm of the music.

Musical notes:

For me, the music usually (almost always) comes first, then once I figure out what mood or message the music sounds like, I use its rhythms like a framework or scaffolding to hang words onto. In other words, the music sets the meter for the lyrics.

I finally have a recording of this song, now that I've been playing it for ten years (as I write this in the Fall of 2004). The rhythm to this song is unusual. If you remember the first three chords of American Woman by The Guess Who in 1970 (not exactly the same as the much later Lenny Kravitz version), the rhythm of those first three chords is similar to the first three chords of my song. While their song repeats the chords though, my song goes in other directions. In other parts of the song, I use higher chords on the seventh and fifth frets with open 1st and 2nd strings for the E's and D's and open 1st strings for the A's and G's.