Prudence Puppy on June 30, 2009

Prudence, the black lab puppy

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Puppy meets Dana, June 4, 2009

We were told Prudence was born . Prudence's mother is a Lab named “Moose” born . Moose has energy. She barks her head off at strangers but is a happy go lucky dog. Prudence's father is a Golden Retriever / Lab mix. He is a mellow dog.

Prudence Puppy on July 12, 2009

At long last I can REALLY use a joke I made up a long time ago:
I like chemistry so much even my dog is a lab. You know how the alchemists were always trying to turn lead into gold? Well, I'm trying to turn fleas into gold. Surely you have heard the legend of the golden fleas?

Do you think perhaps our cats have too much influence on the new puppy? View Prue and the scratching post to find out! (This is a 1.62 MB, 13 second video file in wmv format.)

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