Videos of “The Bicycling Guitarist” in action

Permission granted for non-commercial use.

The Beatles Help! played on a bicycle

The Bicycling Guitarist is filmed playing the Beatles song Help! on the evening of February 9, 2012 while riding in a middle school gymnasium.

This is the first winter in thirty years of bicycle guitaring where I have a place to ride and play indoors when it is too cold and wet to do outside. If for any reason YouTube is unavailable, here is the original video in .3GP file format (recorded on an older Blackberry device).

Check the BicyclingGuitarist YouTube channel for more videos!

The following three videos are also on my YouTube channel but are presented here in .wmv file format for optional free download for non-commercial purposes. They were filmed (nearly a year after the Help! video above) but in the same gymnasium. At the start of the Fish Heads video I jokingly describe the place as “The DeForest Kelley Memorial Gymnasium, better known as He's Dead, Gym.” This is of course a horrible pun inspired by a frequent saying of Dr. McCoy (played by the actor DeForest Kelley who is now deceased) in the original Star Trek television series.

On I am interviewed by the morning show at KRSB-FM (a local radio station). Later that same day one of their crew films me riding and playing across the street from their building. They posted Roseburg's Bicycling Guitarist on the 541Radio YouTube channel. There are problems with my guitar staying in tune in this video because a luthier (someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments) treated me and my guitar very badly.

On I was interviewed by Rural Rocks, and they posted Rural Rocks - The Bicycling Guitarist on the RuralRocks YouTube channel. This is a talking interview and you don't get to hear any of my music, but they do show some footage of me riding around inside a room on the third floor of their downtown building.

There is also a 46 second clip that was filmed in Elk Grove, California on .