Pandora Kitty is Here!

Pandy is like this!

Pandora the kitty! Pandora came to us on . When she came to us she was approximately 10 weeks old. These pictures were taken at about 12 weeks of age. Pandora still has lots of growing up to do! We are very happy that Pandora has come to live with us. We hope that she is as happy as we are.

Pandora likes to chase the photographer!

She is growing like a weed and in constant motion. Since she is a hyperactive kitty, we have thought about “Kitalin” (Just joking!)

I like to play! but other things get my attention!

Kitties do like these silly looking toys! Or at least Pandora does.

Sometimes I just like to sit and think evil kitty thoughts!

Pandora hopes that you will come back and visit regularly as her owners will take more pictures to show how she is growing up.

Y'all come back now!

Pandora at five months old!
The Sneaking Straw Stealer!
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