The Sneaking Straw Stealer Strikes Again!

Kittens are like this!

Pandora , Caught in the Act!

dead straw
One of Pandora's less mutilated straws!

See when Pandora joined the family (Summer 1998)

Pandy's new friend, Caldecat! (Summer 1999)

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I just learned today that Pandora Kitty was put down. She hadn't been doing well for some time. I guess she was about ten and a half years old. Rest in peace, Pandora Kitty. I'm glad I knew you.

Pandora spots her prey!
She moves in for the kill!
Her mouth is on that straw! Stop, thief!
Having been caught, Pandora hopes to outwait the photographer.
“How could you ‘bust’ me, I'm irresistible!”