Interesting facts about Christianity

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I have found the following hyperlinks most intriguing. This page addresses some issues of Fundamentalist Christianity (Biblical literalists). It is not meant as an attack on anyone's belief system but is meant to offer some perspective on potential problems with strict literalism.

Dan Barker interview(link no longer works) features a former evangelical preacher turned atheist being interviewed by a Christian radio talk show host. If you are a fundamentalist Christian or know somebody who is, it will do you great good to read this interview.

The Christian Nation Myth shows clearly that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were NOT Bible believing Christians as some would have you believe. In fact, some were most definitely ANTI-Christian and made no secret of it.

Why Don't Jews Believe in Jesus is also very interesting. Do you really think the Jews don't know their own Bible? Jesus did NOT fulfill ANY of the prophecies required of the Jewish Messiah, NOT ONE!

From here on down is where this page differs from the opinions of the authors of the articles linked to above. I am neither an atheist nor a Jew, but I do agree with most of what the authors of these articles point out about Christianity. How could I not agree? They point out objective FACTS, as true as true can be. No subjective bullshit there. The rest of this page could be considered subjective bullshit, although I don't think so.

I really do believe it is possible to have an experience of cosmic consciousness or union with the divine within the Christian faith, using its symbols and metaphors to pierce through the egocentricity of ordinary life. There is some legitimate doubt about the historical existence of Jesus (as pointed out by more than one of the sources above), but if Jesus did exist it is my opinion that he was one of many people in history (NOT the ONLY one) who experienced union with the divine that is within each of us.

I read the same Bible the Christians read, and I clearly see Jesus trying to share that message with us in more than one place, that we can be that too. If so, then that is the REAL Gospel, and it has been suppressed for close to two thousand years because it is too subversive for Western culture to handle. I am not the only one who sees it this way. The late Alan Watts pointed it out many times in many talks to many people. If you read the Christian Bible within the context of Hinduism you can see what I'm talking about too. I discuss this in my essay Ye are gods on this website.

By the way, if that is the real teaching of Jesus, it has been taught for two thousand years, but not as Christianity. If you want to be like Jesus, become a Buddhist. Oh, you can continue to call yourself a Christian, but I don't know of any mainstream Christian denomination that would agree with what I'm saying. If you do, please write me.