Body repair, Spring 2001

I am not a professional body and paint person. I am also not rich, so I can not yet afford to pay professionals to restore my car the way I would like it to be done. In the Spring of 2001, I had sandpaper, rust treatment, epoxy, spray can primer and paint, and lots of time I spent on my car instead of doing other things. I took great pains to do the best job I could to the limits of my abilities and available materials. The following photographs illustrate some of what I did.

rust damage to tailgate skin, non-stock rear bumper

: Rust spots in the process of being repaired with Rust Trapper treatment and PC-7 epoxy. The rear bumper is from another kind of car.

tailgate repaired and repainted, stock bumper installed

: Tailgate skin repaired, at least temporarily. The non-stock rear bumper has been replaced by one of the correct type for this car.

epoxy bodywork on right rear quarter

: PC-7 epoxy patches on low spots and treated rust spots. The patches are shallow, but spread out and sanded smooth.

right rear quarter repaired and repainted

: It took many hours of work for me to get this result.

passenger door scratch sanded down to bare metal

: A ten-year-old boy deliberately scratched this door with his bicycle when he was angry at me. This is how it looked after I sanded it down.

repainted passenger door

: After a week of sanding, priming and painting, this is how it came out. The paint isn't as shiny as before, but it is better than leaving the scratch.