Side by Side Comparison of
the Old Engine and the New Engine


The old engine was not the original one in this Ranchero. It had a five-bolt bell housing, marking it as one of the earliest 289s and of a type never stock in Falcons or Rancheros. The early Mustangs had the five-bolt 289. The new engine is a remanufactured one from Portland Engine Rebuilders in Oregon with all new parts inside. It is the correct engine for this car, a six-bolt 289 in the proper colors for that year. The engine casting code is C5AE-9425D.

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Old engine viewed from front of car
Old engine: notice the heater hoses against the engine on left side of picture, and the rusty blue block.

New engine viewed from front of car
New engine: see the heater hoses no longer against the engine. Also, the engine colors are now the correct shades of black and gold.

old engine from driver's side of car
This old engine was still going strong when it was replaced.

new engine from driver's side of car
I hope the new engine stands the test of time.