Famous '65 Ford

Ranchero underwater with deep sea diver

This famous '65 Ford has gone where no car has gone before. Honest! How many cars do you know that have been deep sea diving? And came back to tell the tale??

Ranchero swimming in a school of fish

Ranchero joins a school! Now that's spirit!

Ranchero racing a SR-71 Blackbird supersonic airplane

How many '65 Fords do you know have raced with a Blackbird and won? By a nose?
(Ranchero beat four and twenty blackbirds.)

Ranchero taking Lincoln's place on Mount Rushmore

Ranchero couldn't help itself, it has such an ego!
(After all, Lincoln is a type of Ford!)

Ranchero in the sky among clouds

Back to the clouds where '65 Ford Falcon Rancheros really like to be!