Msg#: 21                                           Date: 05-31-95  17:41
  From: The Bicycling Guitarist                      Read: Yes    Replied: No 
    To: Jeff Hudson                                  Mark:                     
  Subj: heh heh
yah, I've been busy.  R Band hosted last ThursNight as usual, our sixth
or seventh (I'm starting to lose count!) ThursNight in a row...
It wasn't that good as the previous one, but it happened nonetheless!
However, the NEXT night R Band played, and we kicked ass! (We also
played R music, hehe).  Gary from where you work was there... He got to
witness the core of the Blonde Story (the first seven songs of R second
album, No, it's not about the core of a blonde!)  There was another dude
named "Woody" with him, heh heh...
FriNight was a significant event in the history of the universe, because
the dimensional vertices of that region of the continuum were frayed
(frayed so!) and needed to be knit together with the frequencies of R
music and the thoughts associated with it...  I used my guitar as a
cosmic knitting needle (knit one, purl two, screaming lead... etc.)
and the dimensional vertices interfluxed nicely, thank you.  The
universe was saved, once again, although I AM getting tired of doing
this all the time... hehe
Anyway, the members of R Band are especially busy these days, as part of
a LARGER band full of amateurs (three female vocalists, 'nother coupla
guitarists, diff drummer, etc.) that will be playing oldies for a
meeting of Ski Clubs in Danville on June 10th.   It's a rush job for a
charity gig, the band is called  KICKIN' IT  and there are rehearsals
every night until the gig itself.  We're bound to get better, although I
WOULD play better if they would untie me!  <struggles with bindings>
Anyway, thanks for writing mail to   R Band!  conference.  The other
messages were getting kinda lonely, and I thought I heard them murmuring
seditious plots against me, but that MAY have been my imagination!
Peace, bro, and PLEASE keep writing.  Between the two of us, we'll keep
this conference alive for ever and ever and ever and ever...