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This message was originally posted in the General Chatter conference of
SolanoNet on June 8, 1995.  
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Hello "ALL",
if you're looking for something to do on Thursday Nights, come on down
to the Wooden Nickel, Marina Center, Suisun, and check out variety night
there hosted by R Band!  This will be the ninth ThursNight in a row, and
there is no cover charge...
If you're a musician, bring your axe.  Feel free to bring your
musical instrument of choice as well.  Audience members are invited to
take the stage between acts to do whatever, tell jokes, stand on your
head, etc.  If you don't want audience members to stand on your head,
you don't have to let them.  Just politely tell them "Please get off my
head" and if you have any trouble, musicians with axes will chase them
away for you!
If you take the stage to tell jokes, be advised there is a two joke
Peace, tbg
p.s.:  here are some directions in case you ARE interested:
Find the third planet from the sun.  Go to the continent the natives
call North America.  Hit the west coast.  Hit it again to teach it a
lesson!  There is a sleepy little town called Suisun right next to
Highway 12 if you're heading east, left next to Highway 12 if you're
heading west!  There is a shopping mall called Marina Center that has a
clock on a sign right next to the driveway as you enter from Highway 12.
Go to the stop sign, hang a right (no noose is good noose!), go to the
next stop sign, hang another right, drive towards Highway 12 again.
Stop BEFORE hitting the chain-link fence that separates the parking lot
from the Highway.  The Wooden Nickel should be on your right!
p.p.s.:  They just call it The Wooden Nickel.  It is actually part of a
building, not a coin made out of lumber!
Hope to see you there!