(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

[C part]
Well, alcohol kills one hundred thousand a year.
Tobacco kills one thousand people every day!
Marijuana's never killed anyone in five thousand years.
Let's legalize pot; let's do it today.

[G part]
It's safer than some of the foods you eat.
In some cases, it's good for you.
It can keep you from going blind,
ease the pain from your mind,
and chase away the blues.

[C part, with some lead riffs in E-minor]
Chase away those blues! It has other uses too!

[C part]
One acre of hemp produces more paper
than four acres of trees.
So legalize pot, at least to make paper,
to save the forests, please.

As a cheap source of fuel and fiber,
marijuana's the best provider.
George Washington grew it; Tom Jefferson too.
They were both marijuana subscribers.

[G part]
Its medical uses are awesome,
and there is no lethal dose.
It's the safest medicine known to man.
Nothing else even comes close!

[C part]
It's a lot safer than aspirin,
and it does more things for you.
So legalize marijuana,
it's the right thing to do!
Legalize pot etc. [end with let's do it today]