Oh! Jennifer!

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©1990, 2nd verse added ©.)

[instrumental verse]

Oh! Jennifer! This may be dull and boring
for anyone with better things to do.
I just want to share what I've been storing:
fond memories of time I spent with you.

Now granted that the time may have been brief,
I may have said or done some stupid things.
but I was overjoyed beyond belief,
for every time I see you my heart sings.

Your eyes sparkle with a magic fire
that hints of hidden happiness within.
Jennifer, you are my heart's desire.
I tell you this time and time again.

Perhaps these lines are corny and “old hat”,
but I am only saying what I feel.
Since I've met you, I've had perceptions that
completely blow away what I thought real.

[instrumental verse]

And if perchance with these I thee offend,
you need make but a single call to me,
and I, of course, will forthwith cease to send
impressions that I have of your beauty.

Oh! Jennifer!