Long Hair

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

Long Hair is a song about not letting other people's opinions define who you are. TBG played this song a lot on this same guitar riding this same bicycle back in the early 1990s.


[instrumental verse (guitar only at first)]

I don't care about my hair. I don't care about my…
(hair…) hair-r. (hair…) Hair.

Oh, my hair's so long. Long hair!
Yeah, my hair's so long.

I'll cut it soon. Cut it! Cut it soon, I'll cut it…
(soon…) soon-n. (soon…) Soon I'll cut it!

[chorus, bridge, instrumental lead verse & chorus]

[repeat second verse, to bridge, end with E-riff]
Oh my hair's so long!

Long Hair played on a bicycle