beenhere in Canada

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

beenhere is a moderator (or “boot”) of an internet chat room. This made me think of “aboot” as the way some Canadians pronounce “about,” especially since the Wireclub chat site has many Canadian members. This was improvised on camera, ad lib. I started talking about Canada's contributions in World War II. I hope you like it.


beenhere done that in Elektra's room on Wireclub chat.
done that in Elektra's room on Wireclub chat.
May I ask what have you done? “Well, he's a boot.”
So many Canadians on Wireclub.

I don't think beenhere is Canadian, but I wouldn't judge him if he was.
Canada built more trucks in World War Two than anyone else,
and they were wiped out at Dieppe. They were there on D-Day.
They protected the convoys across the Atlantic with their corvettes.

beenhere in Elektra's room, the name of a chatter there.
beenhere, he's probably not Canadian so I hope he doesn't mind
I made this song about Canadians.
And it all became because he is a “boot.”

beenhere in Canada