Fuzzy Flappy PJs

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

This is the second song I made about Pebbles, this time focusing on her pajamas. Pebbles herself provided the title of the song. The lyrics are paraphrased from comments in a Wireclub chat room a couple of nights ago. Pebbles announced she was going to get into her pjs. I asked her for details of said pjs. These details are in the song. The part about her pajamas taking her on adventures is my idea, also from that chat. This song was improvised on camera at Nichols Band Shell in Roseburg Oregon the morning of September 22, 2020.

In case anyone is wondering, the “flappy” part of the title refers to a butt flap in the pajamas. I did not mention that in the song even though it is in the title she provided.


Pebbles and her fuzzy flappy pjs,
they take her on adventures!
She never knows, but it's always good
when she's wearing her fuzzy flappy pjs.

They're green and purple.
When she's wearing them she looks like Barney.
She has good dreams in her fuzzy flappy pjs.

They have built-in feet and a turtleneck,
fuzzy flappy pjs.