Millky Uses Shortbread

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

On March 4, 2020 someone named Millky asked me to write a song about her. She told me she likes shortbread. I asked her if she ever used shortbread as a weapon. This song happened the next morning. NECESSARY INFORMATION: In 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt an English army using longbows defeated a larger French army.


Millky uses shortbread for her self-defense.
Using bread as weapons goes way back in her family.
They used longbread long ago at the Battle of Agincourt
where they defeated the French baguettes.

It was a hard fight back in 1415.
Her family was outnumbered by all the French bread.
They also had pastries on their belts that they used as grenades.

Some of Millky's family were hit by the pastries.
They got diabetes.

Millky Uses Shortbread