College Story

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Manny is a young man on a quest for truth. This search leads him to college. Each song describes part of life on campus from Manny's point of view.

 College Story is an allegory about a young man's search for truth. Manny (allegorical name) has a free spirit, and often creates his own reality, which seems like fantasy to most people. Manny goes to college to “find himself,” and these twelve songs describe a typical day on campus for him. However, he doesn't seem to learn anything all day! At the beginning he is a rebel and a dreamer, and at the end of the day he is STILL escaping into fantasy, creating a dance song from his Chemistry teacher's lecture. In between, he writes a love poem, listens to a history lesson, is exposed to various aspects of campus life, declares his own opinion on various issues, thinks deep thoughts and playful ones. Manny's adventures are continued in  Blonde Story, which follows this one.

The characters and events described in these stories are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual characters or events is purely coincidental.

Long Hair

A girl from the Cosmetology department offers to cut his hair. Manny has this reply.

Eyes of Blue

His Geography teacher mentions Suisun slough. Manny reminisces about an adventure he had there with a girl named Virginia Sue.

Oh! Jennifer!

Manny doesn't know where Virginia Sue is now, so during lecture he writes a love poem to another girl named Jennifer.


The lessons of History class bum Manny out.

Barbara Bush

There are several Political clubs on campus. Manny sings this to the Young Republicans table in the student center.

Make It Good

In the cafeteria, Manny overhears another male student sweet-talking a pretty girl.


A misguided student makes an ignorant statement about Cannabis. Manny shares some information with him.


A religious fanatic has some trouble in the Biology department. Manny sings this to him.

What Can I Say?

In the Linguistics department, Manny thinks about the limitations of language.

Mary Lou

Manny meets a girl who is in an anatomy class. As she talks about the human body, he imagines seeing her naked.


It's one of those l-o-n-g days that doesn't seem to ever end. This song is philosophical, or phil of something else.

Brownian Motion

With his musical mind, Manny takes a Chemistry lesson about gas laws and turns it into a dance.