Formerly the portal to the R-rated section of my site, now shows some internet ideals I followed that fizzled.

If you are of age and tolerant, continue to the Band site

If you are underage or easily offended, turn back now.

Some of the lyrics on the following pages are of an adult nature, comparable to an R-rating for movies.  Band plays R-rated rock. Also, some of the pages (used to) belong to WebRings (until ) which link(ed) to other people's websites of similar subject matter, and some of the pages linked to in those WebRings may (have) contain(ed) adult material.

The source code of every web page in www.TheBicyclingGuitarist.net used to have a label from the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA). However, that organization apparently went belly-up. Since October 2010 this rating system is no longer supported, so on I removed all the labels from all the pages that had them.

ICRA label

Thank you.

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, this page was originally published when my website was hosted on www.thegrid.net (now gone). This was before I got my own www.TheBicyclingGuitarist.net domain name on .