The Wisdom of Wuzzles

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

Wuzzles contributes a gem of wisdom and reads it aloud for us to absorb if we can. Wuzzles is a regular in a philosophy internet chat room, the same room as Candy VonCandyburg. This song was created June 6, 2019 by The Bicycling Guitarist in the same session he also created the “Distorted for Candy” song. Wuzzles contributed her words and voice on June 8 which is when this video was completed.


Oh Wuzzles, yeah Wuzzles. Wuzzles.

You want some philosophy. You go to this room. There you'll find Wuzzles

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if there is a hell, it involves eternally being poked in the boob by a broken underwire.”

The Wisdom of Wuzzles