Luna Rising

These three photographs taken , are symbolic of the change in our household since .

My eight-year-old calico Caldecat is in the foreground here. Luna is the young tabby cat in the background We were temporarily on a riverfront property for eight months while we looked for a place to rent that would accept pets. I found Caldecat dead , ONE WEEK before we finally moved into a place that would accept pets.

When we got Luna as a kitten in the Fall of 2006, we thought we would soon be renting where we were staying. Our having more than one pet each was not an issue with that property owner. We didn't find out until mid-April 2007 that it would not be possible to rent there for various reasons.

Caldecat usually swatted Luna to teach Luna who was the senior kitty, but there were several times in the Spring of 2007 when I rejoiced to see Caldecat and Luna playing with each other. They played tag and hunted each other. It was great to see Caldecat acting like a kitten again.

We moved into our new house one week after Caldecat died. Instead of finding new homes for both Milo (orange male tabby not on this page) and Luna, we found Milo a new home where we can visit him and I took Luna as my pet instead of Caldecat.

Caldecat was born in 1999 and is gone. Luna, born in 2006 (this century), is with me now. To paraphrase the Inaugural Address of the late President John F. Kennedy: “the torch has been passed to a new generation of AmeriCATS ― born in this century…”