Seer Cat

awesome paws, pawsome awes

This page introduces Luna's son Seer, born (underneath my bed). He is the only cat for whom we know the exact birthdate.

Seer started life as a white kitten. Gradually he developed “seal point” markings of a Siamese cat. His colors kept getting darker and darker.

Perspective (PURRspective?) is a funny thing. In this picture, Seer the kitty looks as big as Chopper the dog . When Luna stopped nursing Seer to wean him, he turned to Chopper and she let him suckle from her for a couple weeks longer. I don't know if he got any nutrition from her, but it was definitely a bonding experience for both of them. They are more than friends now.

Luna (on the right) is apPARENTly sharing some vital information with her son Seer (on the left) ten days before Seer's first birthday. She is a parent!