Chris's comments for


Message of song:

Death is part of life. The verse lyrics may reflect a selfish and immature young man trying to come to grips with the mortality of his parents, and hence his own as well. The lyrics to the last couple of bridges and choruses ask fundamental questions that people have probably been asking ever since they became aware of mortality. I wrote another song about the mystery of the meaning of life, called Mystery.

How it was written:

My mother died in , and the song's copyright date is . I undoubtedly had many of the pieces of music and possibly some lyrics before she died. Most likely it all came together after that. This song was written in the same creative period as Prayer (that my mother did hear before she died). My father died in .

Musical notes:

There are many parts to this song, including some picking parts and some power chords. I really like the way the bridge goes to the chorus.