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Recorded at Till It Shines Coffee House in Roseburg, OR on

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

I know my parents both will die.
They're growing old. It makes me cry.
I see them weaken, holding on.
I know someday they will be gone.
I don't want to see them go. They're all I know.
I love them so.

Their seasons pass with sun and rain.
I do not want them to feel pain.
I really don't know what I'll do.
For me, it will be something new.
It's something I've never known: to be alone,
all on my own.

I wonder if I'll ever see them strong again like I remember
seeing in my memory the Christmastimes of past Decembers,
standing by the Christmas tree, watching as their little children
open presents with such glee. Such a happy family!

All I wanted was what they could buy.
Now that they are old I fear the worst.
I don't want to live to see them die.
Let me go first!

This is selfish, yeah I know.
but I don't know how I'll take it.
I just hate to see them go!

Oh no!…

I'm so grateful I've known them so long.
Soon I know their spirits have to fly.
Now I am the one who must be strong
to watch them die, and say goodbye.

My sisters made it on their own.
They all have kids. My, how they've grown!
My oldest niece has children too,
hard to believe, but it is true.
My parents have great grandkids.
See how they did.

I envy those with bitter tongue
whose parents died when they were young.
They never knew their mom or dad
to miss what they have never had:
a lifetime of love and care. It isn't fair.
I cannot bear…

When you die are you no more or will you somehow live forever,
passing through some secret door beyond your life to where you never
hurt or sicken or grow old, never fear the loneliness,
never feel the heat or cold, living free and happy in the

loving arms of God's amazing grace,
talking with the friends you thought were lost,
free from all regrets and all disgrace,
at what a cost!

To believe this would be nice:
if you read the Bible,
it says Jesus paid the price.

But if there is no afterlife, it doesn't matter when I get there.
I won't feel the stress or strife. I will be completely unaware
as I am food for worms, turning back to dust I am made from.
I won't miss my parents then. I won't know a thing and so I

figure it's o.k. either way.
Death is part of life after all.
It will find each of us someday,
and when it calls, we all must fall.

Death is part of life after all.