One Florida Night

(music by Chris Watson, copyright ©2004)

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This one-minute song is in honor of Michelle Reeves, a promising 20 year old avant-garde poet and peace activist sadly no longer with us since September 26, 2004. My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Michelle Reeves. All of us lost a friend in her, even those who never met her. I played this for the first time while recording myself on October 6, 2004. The second half of the song has some interesting melodies going on with the higher notes.

This is one of my favorite recordings of my guitar playing. The same three chord progression repeats eight times, but is different each time. Sometimes it sounds like two or even three guitars at once to me (it was just one guitar being recorded). The distortion is from playing my guitar through a small battery-powered amplifier and using the tiny built-in microphone of a web camera to record it on my computer.