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Latest recordings of The Bicycling Guitarist

Many of my best songs have not yet been recorded at all, and those that have recordings so far only have amateur quality ones. I badly need to be recorded (as opposed to being recorded badly, which is all that's happened so far). Still, these give a taste of my composing, playing and singing. In general, the more recent recordings are higher quality.

Song pages with links to YouTube videos from

gap of two years with no new recordings (playing all the time though)

Song page with link to YouTube video from TIS08

Song pages with links to YouTube videos from TIS06

Song page with link to YouTube video from TIS05

Song pages with links to YouTube videos from TIS04

Song pages with links to mp3 audio files from TIS03

: I post The Magick Show (song recorded ) at this cat's page Magick, the little black kitty.
: I publish a MUSIC VIDEO for the recording of my 1995 song Red Baron

: I redo my 1991 R Band song about Evolution.

2004 recordings (very rough sound quality)

The sound of these recordings from is more than a bit distorted because I only had a webcam microphone to record with. I think it worthwhile nonetheless to put these songs online. My favorite of these is “One Florida Night.” The same three chord progression repeats eight times, but is different each time. Sometimes it sounds like two or even three guitars at once to me (it was just one guitar being recorded).

One Florida Night This one-minute song is in honor of Michelle Reeves, a promising 20 year old avant-garde poet and peace activist sadly no longer with us since . My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Michelle Reeves. All of us lost a friend in her, even those who never met her. I played this for the first time while recording myself on . The second half of the song has some interesting melodies going on with the higher notes.

Perseids is another song I've been playing around with a long time. This version was recorded .