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“The Bicycling Guitarist” Chris Watson

“Music was a thing of the soul—a rose-lipped shell that murmured of the eternal sea—a strange bird singing the songs of another shore.” Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects, Josiah Gilbert Holland

I was born at Travis Air Force Base (Solano County, California) in , lived in the county seat Fairfield until I was thirty-five, then moved to Sonoma County to be with my (then) sweetheart. Things didn't work out.

I rode a ten-speed bicycle all over Solano County in my teen years, and I started playing guitar when I was 18 years old. About three or four years later, I discovered I could combine these activities, and I joyfully bicycled twenty or thirty miles a day almost every day weather permitted for the next fifteen years. I write most of my original songs “on the road,” literally!