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Table of contents

 College Story
Long Hair Legalize
Eyes of Blue Evolution
Oh! Jennifer! What Can I Say?
History Mary Lou
Barbara Bush Mystery
Make it Good Brownian Motion
 Blonde Story
Instant Sensual Gratification Spank the Naughty Blonde
Scotty Be Naughty Crazy Metal
Domestic Violence Rejected
Freedom Did I Hear Your Voice?
Hot Young Blonde 99.99% Blues
Running Out of Time It's What You Make It
Other Songs
Early Morning Hours Red Baron
Prayer Tray Dipper
Death Shopzilla
One Florida Night Puddle of Puke

There were at least a dozen other songs not listed here, including some by Fred and some by Bryan, that were part of our regular repertoire for jams.  Band usually started every practice session and every live performance with Early Morning Hours. All the other songs listed in this section were not done by  Band but are part of the “Chris Watson show.” Tray Dipper and Shopzilla are parody songs. One Florida Night is the only instrumental song (no vocals) listed on this page. I have many other instrumental songs.


Most of my songs here have an mp3 audio file available for download. Ten of the twelve songs of  College Story have recordings. In 2008 I finally converted these audio files from an older RealPlayer format to mp3s. All twelve songs of  Blonde Story are available. They were recorded live from a gig at the Airmen's Club of Travis Air Force Base, California, and were remixed at Transformations Studio in Calistoga, California in .