Scotty Be Naughty

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Recorded at an R Band gig at Travis AFB, California in

(lyrics & music by Chris Watson, Copyright ©.)

Michelle wants some instant sensual gratification from her husband Scotty.


[instrumental verse]

Scotty's wife is named Michelle,
and he loves her very well.
He really is quite fond
of this horny, foxy blonde.
She loves him as best she can.
She's his woman; he's her man.
He must satisfy her needs;
she kisses him, and softly pleads:

“Scotty, be naughty” is what Michelle said.
Scotty, be naughty; she wants to give you head.

She rubs herself against his pole;
you know she wants it in her hole.
She does the bump and grind;
you know what's on her mind.

“Scotty, be naughty” is what Michelle cried.
Scotty, be naughty; she wants your dick inside her.

He better flop her around;
she wants him to hose her down.
Michelle sings happily:
“If it's free, it's for me.”

“Scotty, be naughty.” Michelle tries her luck.
Scotty, be naughty. She wants to…(three four!)

[instrumental verse, repeat last chorus, end]