Chris's comments for
Scotty Be Naughty


Message of song:

This is about the sexual love between a husband and wife. Monogamy, what a concept! Practically unheard of! The novelty alone should sell millions! Anyway, Michelle wants some Instant Sensual Gratification (subject of the previous song on R Blonde Story) from her husband Scotty.

How it was written:

This song was written during the time R Band was thinking of specializing in bachelor parties. Spank the Naughty Blonde and Mary Lou are two earlier examples of the same genre, although completely different in terms of musical style. This song sounds like Frank Zappa doing a 1950s song. The spanking song is in three parts, segueing from rock riffs to blues. The Mary Lou song is rockabilly.

Musical notes:

Bump and grind rock groove rhythm. The chorus uses the same form of minor chord as the chorus of Domestic Violence, but moved up the scale.