Blonde Story

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Michelle is a twenty-four year old foxy blonde sex goddess. Her friend Manny witnesses the breakup of her marriage, then has some Michellaneous adventures of his own.

 Blonde Story is an allegory about self-realization. Manny, the central figure of the previous story album ( College Story), discovers that life is a school. He witnesses the breakup of the marriage of two friends of his, Scotty and Michelle. Afterwards, he helps Michelle out, but is saddened when he realizes that her self-destructive lifestyle is tearing him apart as well as her. He experiences a little kinkiness firsthand, so to speak, and wonders if everyone is crazy. He wants to find a girlfriend, but has no luck at all. Thoughts of the suicide of a childhood friend sadden him even more. He is wallowing in self-pity when he suddenly realizes he doesn't have to be blue! This realization gives Manny more control over his own life.

The characters and events described in these stories are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual characters or events is purely coincidental.

Instant Sensual Gratification

This song describes a selfish focus on physical pleasure.

Scotty Be Naughty

Michelle wants some instant sensual gratification from her husband Scotty.

Domestic Violence

Scotty and Michelle fight with fists, wrenches, etc. Finally, they break up.


Michelle feels free after breaking up with Scotty, even though she is now homeless.

Hot Young Blonde

Michelle comes over to her friend Manny's place to get ready, then goes out looking for a good time.

Running Out of Time

Michelle comes back to Manny's place to crash after she has been out all night running wild.

Spank the Naughty Blonde

Manny spanks Michelle; she likes it!

Crazy Metal

Manny ponders the strangeness of human behavior. Some metals may cause insanity in humans. Perhaps we're all crazy!


The history of Manny's love life. Michelle is a good friend, but she does not want a long-term commitment.

Did I Hear Your Voice?

Manny's childhood friend Vernon committed suicide many years ago. These are Manny's thoughts on the subject.

99.99% Blues

Most blues songs are about failures of life or love, so this song is about both. Manny complains about his loneliness.

It's What You Make It

Suddenly, Manny realizes that he doesn't have to be blue! This realization gives him more power over his own life.