It's What You Make It

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Recorded at an R Band gig at Travis AFB, California in

(lyrics by Watson, music by Royce/ Watson/ Pierce, Copyright ©.)

Suddenly, Manny realizes that he doesn't have to be blue! This realization gives him more power over his own life.


You don't have to be blue, unless you want to.
It's all up to you. Do what you want to!

Don't blame God for what you do to yourself.

It's what you make it; it's how you take it.
Please don't fake it. Shake it.

[“shake it” part]
Shake it; don't break it. Shake it; don't break it.

Well, there's a reality inside your mind,
and if you seek then you will find.
It's there, you know. Just don't say no.

You take that reality inside your head
and play with it until you're dead.
Then you grab hold, and you take that reality,
and you grab that reality, and you take that reality
and you

shake it, but don't break it.
Shake it. Don't break it.

[instrumental lead]

Shake it. Don't break it. Shake it. Don't break it.

[end on B-flat]