99.99% Blues

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Recorded at an R Band gig at Travis AFB, California in

(lyrics by Watson, music by Royce/ Watson/ Pierce, Copyright ©.)

Most blues songs are about failures of life or love, so this song is about both. Manny complains about his loneliness.


Why live at all,
put up with the pain and suffering and bullshit
just to die someday anyway?

And then you find yourself a woman:
she takes over your life, messes with your mind,
empties your bank account, and breaks your heart.

Well, I don't like being alone all the time,
but I can handle it 99.99%

I said: I can handle being alone 99.99% of the time,
but that point zero one ain't no fun.

So I ask my God, why do I have to be alone
100% of the time?

Then I realize: I don't have to be blue!

[segue to "It's What You Make It"]