Chris's comments for
99.99% Blues


Message of song:

Wallowing in self-pity, big-time! Most blues songs are about failures of life or love, so this song is about both! However, it segues to a tune about self-realization, the punch line of R two-hour show.

How it was written:

I was so sad and lonely for so long that these words came naturally to me. Nobody's fault but mine! This song is never played without segueing into the next one (It's What You Make It). Do NOT consider this song standing alone. I make sure it has a happy ending in the next song.

Musical notes:

R Band could be a straight blues band. We all have the background and talents for it. Bryan does a fine walking bass for this song, and I use a wah-wah pedal for the guitar lead. This song segues directly to the next song.