Did I Hear Your Voice?

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Recorded at an R Band gig at Travis AFB, California in

(lyrics by Pierce, music by Royce/ Watson/ Pierce, Copyright ©.)

Manny's childhood friend Vernon committed suicide many years ago. These are Manny's thoughts on the subject.


[instrumental short bridge]

When I was a young boy, a friend so near to me
left so suddenly. Ooh oo!
Our friends and family seemed
too scared to believe thee.
Right there in front of me. Ooh oo!

[short bridge]
And now you've gone away, and left us here to stay.
I don't know why you would take your life away.
You know it's a sin; you'll never live again:
so we write for you these words to live on.

Some cries shown the disbelief,
and those who could not eat for weeks.
I was so bitter to thee.
Ooh oo!
They all said: “how could this be?”
Crying deep inside of me,
the shame they could not see.
Ooh oo!

[instrumental bridge]

Did I hear your voice?
Did I not hear you crying?
Would you have kept from dying?
Ooh oo!
Did I hear your voice?
Did I have faith in you?
Will I ever know who?
Ooh oo!

[bridge, end]