Make It Good

(lyrics by Pierce, music by Royce/ Watson/ Pierce, Copyright ©.)

In the cafeteria, Manny overhears another male student sweet-talking a pretty girl.


[instrumental verse]

[verse 1]
I'm a man, and you're a woman.
You know your right from wrong.
I know what I like; you know you like it too
when we get it on.

You know I would make it good.
You know I would…

[verse 2]
Early in the morning time,
Dream and you are on my mind.
You're laying by my side, baby,
something saying in your eyes:

[chorus, lead verse, chorus]

[verse 3]
Make it good to you is all I want to do,
close to you before the morning light.
Rise and shine, then we start to groove.
Ya make me feel so right!


[verse 4]
Worked all week n play and now I'm on my way.
You look so fine Friday, the eagle is flying my way.
Can't leave the house, love sounds pouring out,
The weekend inside, we order out.

[chorus, ooo ah verse, chorus]

[verse 3, chorus, verse 4, chorus, ooo ah verse, chorus, end]