Starring: The Bicycling Guitarist, The Amazing One on bass guitar, and Fred E. for the World on drums.

 Band is a three piece group that plays original R-rated rock. We write all our own material, and have a unique style and sound. R songs tell stories. There are patterns to R music and messages in R lyrics.

“The Bicycling Guitarist” writes many of the songs and lyrics riding his Schwinn ten-speed bicycle no hands while playing an unamplified electric guitar. These songs are then enhanced by the bass lines and sound management of “The Amazing One” and by the drumming and vocals of “Fred E. for the World”.

Amazing and Fred E. come up with tunes too, separately and together, and sometimes the three of us produce songs spontaneously. The guitarist and the bass player have been jamming together since the early 1980s. The drummer joined in .

We are a strange blend of influences. Amazing likes fusion, funk, rock, and Zappa. Fred E. likes rhythm & blues, rap, and soul. The Bicycling Guitarist creates his own style of music. If you want to hear an original sound, check out  Band!

Historical Documents concerning R Band

learn how we got our name and logo.

the death certificate of R Band.