Death of Band

Name of deceased: Band

cause of death: Lack of shared vision

date of birth: (1990 as Freddy for the World, 1994 as Band)

date of passing: 1996 (?)

original members: Chris Watson; Bryan Royce; Fred E. Pierce, Jr.

principal songwriter: Chris Watson

creator of name and logo: Chris Watson

As I write this in the Fall of 2000,  Band has been defunct for a few years. Things got bad for Bryan and me when I moved to Cloverdale in 1995 to be with the woman who was my sweetie at that time. In my mind, time and space are no barriers to true friendship. Bryan said he missed being able to call me on short notice. For me a two hour drive is no barrier, but I guess it wasn't close enough for him. I commuted two hundred miles every Thursday night for a couple of months in the summer of '95 when  Band was hosting at a local bar. I would also show up for practices. Sometimes Bryan or Fred would change plans and not tell me, so more than once I drove all that way for nothing.

I wanted  Band to keep going, but we all had different visions of where it should go. On  Band's death certificate, probable cause is “lack of shared vision.” I still have faint hopes that we may reunite, but it's not all up to me. It takes two to tango, but three to rock! I haven't heard from Bryan or Fred for some time now.

The songs will live forever.