Caldecat joins us

This content was originally the index page for the Caldecat pages until replaced by the current index page in June 2007 after Caldecat died.

She was a wild kitty, but very friendly. She visited us often, and let my daughter's half-brother pick her up. Our resident kitty Pandora would sniff at her through the screen door. We didn't want Pandy to get fleas or disease, and we didn't want Cal to get killed by our mean neighbor man, so we took her in. Her name comes from the fact that she is a Calico living in California, and she is a cat. Hence: Cal, de cat. It is also a pun on the locally famous automobile Caldecott Tunnel in the East Bay Area.

Cal has now had flea treatment, all her shots, and she is fixed. She also has a warm dry place to spend the winter, regular food to eat, and loving company. Pandora now has a friend to play with when we go out (and in the middle of the night!). As you can see, Pandora has to think about this new development.