Caldecat in Summer 2000

Caldecat, the escape artist

When Caldecat first adopted us, we feared she would want to go back outside where she had grown up. She seemed content to be an indoors kitty like Pandora, until…

the summer of 2000!

Now, she runs out the door every chance she gets. She inevitably comes home every night to eat, but she gets out nearly every day now and we can't stop her. We must obviously get her a

Kitty Collar and ID Tag

and then at least people will know her name. She has had collars before, without ID tags, but usually manages to remove them in places where we can't find them.

Caldecat, guardian of our home

Another surprise was how Cal reacted to Buddy Boy, a gray-striped tomcat who began visiting us the summer of 2000. My daughter's half-brother (NOT my stepson, the mother of my daughter wants that to be perfectly clear) heard a catfight on our front porch, and told me that some other cat was fighting Buddy Boy. When I went out, Buddy Boy was gone, but Caldecat was sitting on the roof of the carport like a sphinx with fiery eyes.

Caldecat, cuddle kitty

Cal is much gentler with us than Pandy. Caldecat never bites or scratches us, and Pandy always does. Toddler Diane Marie is able to pet Cal and play with her, something Pandy does not allow. Diane has even brought handfuls of kitty food to my bed to hand feed Caldecat, and Cal eats it from her hand. Cal always rolls on her back and curls her legs inviting play when we walk by her. She is a good kitty. I hope she can learn to be content again as an indoors kitty, because it's a hard world out there for kitties on the street.